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ἁγνίζω, ἁγνίζειν

ἁγνίζω, ἁγνίζειν: (1) ceremonially (a) to make pure, purify, cleanse (2) morally Part of Speech: verb Latin: (1) castificare (2) purificare (3) sanctificare Syriac: ܕܟܐ John 11:55 ην δε εγγυς το πασχα των ιουδαιων και ανεβησαν Study more …..

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ἁγιάζω, ἁγιάζειν

ἁγιάζω, ἁγιάζειν: (1) to render or acknowledge, or to be venerable or hallow (2) to separate from profane things and dedicate to God (a) consecrate things to God (b) dedicate people to God (3) to purify (a) to cleanse externally … Continue reading

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